Merriman is a true champion in harness racing, and we applaud all that he has accomplished. We love the breed, we love the game, and I couldn’t be more blessed to have the opportunity to do this for a living. The racing uniform of harness racer Aaron Merriman sits inside the jockey’s locker room, Wednesday November 21, at Northfield Park. The previous record holder was Walter Case Jr. He was the second-youngest driver to reach 9, victories, behind only Tetrick, who did it when he was

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But driving in the Hambletonian has to be proudest moment.

Merriman makes history, aims for 1, :: Harnesslink

He is winners clear of current runner-up Ronnie Wrenn, a regular at Northfield and the last driver to finish in front of Merriman in Single season record holder at Northfield Park Tim Tetrick holds harness racing’s record of 1, victories, set in Read More News About The pace he kept that year was awesome.

I was born in Cuyahoga Falls. This, then, should be the last report of its type. Read More News About Northfield has nine more nighttime cards planned: There is a handful at every track that could succeed anywhere with the right horses.


Single season record holder at Northfield Park :: Harnesslink

Previous This Just In: Marcus Melander heads Dan Patch honorees. But she has solidified the statement of stand by your family n man. Then stints in Chicago area when very little. Harness racer Aaron Merriman adjust the fit of his uniform before his first race of the evening inside the jockey’s locker room, Wednesday November 21, at Northfield Park. harnews

Watcha Got Abby boldly left from the gate and led her competition from start to finish, winning by a quarter-length in 1: He also has two-year old daughter, Ava. He was back on the track in four months, but now suffers with extreme migraines, which he said requires treatment with the medication Imitrex.

Merriman led all drivers in wins inwithharhess inwith Harness racer Aaron Merriman smiles while entering the jockeys locker room after the conclusion of the fourth race, Wednesday November 21, at Northfield Park.

It was Merriman’s 1,th win inand he became the first driver to reach that milestone twice. But the changes are mostly superficial.

Aaron Merriman article in The Plain Dealer

But after multiple surgeries I was back short of 6 months. Converse Fair website links to Asian porn.

However, he also races at various other venues throughout the year. I remember everyone being so friendly and open to a new student.


For the better part of eight years, Merriman has been on a pari-mutuel merry-go-round. Let me tell you something, Palone is sicker than I am.

Merriman makes history, aims for 1,000

I’ll be aggressively seeking that. Aaron is an avid Cleveland sports fan.

Being that I feel Northfield was always top of their game. There can be something special about races no matter the purse or horse type.

Aaron Merriman is not the type of person who sets statistical goals, but after becoming on Tuesday the first driver in harness racing history to win at least races in four consecutive years, he admitted to having another number in mind: After tomorrow, The Meadows has three cards left on its schedule, daylight sessions next Monday through Wednesday.

My father Lanny Merriman. There are many great people I interact with, and compete with that make it easy as well.