Sign In Sign Up. I have no problem with these sites and I frequented them and used them I was younger and less serious. I would not call them ‘clone’ clubs, rather off brand or non-name brand clubs. I’ve forgotten my password. All in all, given the price, the durability, the sleek design, and the functionality, this is a great buy. I find Hybrids tend to stop dead on landing.

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In fact I bought a 2nd one later on sale as a backup.

PineMeadow or other Clone clubs?

All in all, a good, solid buy. The clubs last and they perform better then one would think. Sole grind At least two other products on this list have the same feature–and they rank higher, so take that into consideration before making a decision.

Right-handed only Heavier than most other wedges. Sign in Already have an account? He said that was fine, he didn’t really care what brand of club i have, just that i ordered them to the right specs. In my bag now I have: Strip the best Cleveland wedges of their specialized qualities, and this is what you get–a stripped down version of the best.


If you end up buying from pinemeadow have this in consideration as it will affect your game pinemeadoq. True Temper steel irons Modified bounce angles Allows players to open the club face Versatile on tough lies.

PineMeadow or other Clone clubs? – Equipment – GolfWRX

Also, if you are not afraid of the component company route, check out www. For example my on my best of swings my 7 Iron used to be yard club. Grip could use improvements Right-handed only. Having nice short Irons can really help your game. Pineeadow comes as a set of three wedges, each with a different loft angle, 56, and pinemeadwo degrees.

Remember that every little bit helps. He personally uses a Henry Griffitts fitting system.

Once you have a better idea of your fitting numbers: Then you’d have a quality bag with some measure of resale value. These offer little to no bounce. In golf, in brst experience, you almost certainly do not get what you pay for all the time. Perhaps even more durable and dependable than the Texan Classics above it.


The Nickent driver is very versatile. Cost and Value Very reasonably priced–downright cheap, even, if you factor in that it comes as a set of three.

It was designed for soft lies—like sand bunkers and such. And there’s also another great set of wedges that offer you versatility, conveniently all in one place.

Topflites are made by Callaway and are an excellent set for a person just getting into golf. Just like Pinemeadow wedge before it, this is cheap and effective.

All thats left is new iron sets for leftys. Small Badge Full Badge. However that swing is a bad habit for the other clubs I think they are an pinemeaadow option on a budget. Bset am happy where I am and the journey I have taken and will continue to take. I have no problem with these sites and I frequented them and used them I was younger and less serious.