Do these headsets require special software on the pc to work with the low frequency force feedback feature? Middle button not working – without glasses. The microphone has a constant hissss to it trying to talk in team speak. I added a photo of the back of the box. And can these be used for consoles?

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Middle button not working – with glasses. That solved my my various problems right away. The interlaced 3D is not ideal, but for now while we wait for upcoming new software drivers that can handle page flipping, it’s an edumensional experience to fly in FSX Learn how your comment data is processed.

Will these be available for purchase in New Zealand?

Is there a way to fix this? When I took the glasses on, the first thing I noticed was that I was being dizzy.

Hi cthiggin, After mulling over your posts for a few days and not finding any similar situations in my research either, I have to suggest that you test all your hardware to be sure that it’s compatible with Vista, remove anything that isn’t and then perform a clean install of the OS. You have amazed me once more ben.


eDimensional AudioFX Pro headset anyone? | NotebookReview

I must reboot to correct either issue. It just went silent yesterday. Could it be drivers? Subscribe to comments feed. Then when you put the glasses infront, you are only able to see the corrosponding image.

I go through about heads sets sdimensional couple of years due to crap ass thin pos cords. Comments 7 Trackbacks 0 Leave a comment Trackback. In this respect the PS3 headsets work like the game audio comes from the TV.

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Arent you worried about edimensionl from Immersion? For games it brings out the roar of engines and the bass of explosions — bringing you one step closer to being in the game. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Do these headsets require special software on the pc to work with the low frequency force feedback feature? Top button working – without glasses. You should make an Xbox version Ben. Back then, the reason was due to FAT limitations.

Edimensional Audio FX 5.1 > Vista

Definitely not what I expected it to be at all, but none the less…congradulations and best of luck on any future product you come out with. It even has my picture on it, like stuff Rachael Ray hawks. So…when do we get an update on availability?

  1650 13BK DRIVER

I pre-ordered mine and was hoping to see it soon. I even used the updated drivers they supply on there website and it still buzzed.

Are you saying that the glasses may have worked well if you used a CRT monitor instead? I have to get some super glue I guess. I would really appreciate any help that you might have that would make my experience less disappointing. As a programmer of 25 years, i know to try alot of different sequences. Great job eDimensional and Ben!! Only the most authentic art for MY customers! First you plug them in the USB.

I have a weird thing happening now that I’ve stopped flying FSX, my eyes keep wigging out edimdnsional trying to make the screen 3D while Ediimensional typing this