As a standardized interface for communication between the ATM system involved the technical annexes and appendices have been set for rules on the German ec-ATM system. Alternativ kann das zentrale Register mobilfunkseitig abgefragt und das Routing zum betreffenden Netz weitergeleitet werden. So kennzeichnet beispielsweise die Zahl den Standort Bonn. The conventional banking system in the store-specific bank code is replaced in the mobile communications network by a system of indicators. Die Aufgabenstellung erfordert somit eine eingehende Analyse der elektronischen Transaktionsstrukturen im Bankensystem sowie der Strukturen moderner Mobilfunknetze. However, for this he needs a private terminal. This register must be maintained by all providers and is in common interest.

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Elektronischer Zahlungsverkehr auf nationaler Ebene Electronic payments at national level. The customer buys a ticket to the equivalent of example 20, – EUR and reports this purchase by dialing a specific telephone number with its own mobile station in its mobile network and enters the indicated on the Card Vaucher number.


Zahlungsverkehr im Inland by Luisa Glöckler on Prezi

Other applications include the backup of emails and the conclusion of agreements where the actual payment occurs only at a later date. Hier sind alle kundenspezifischen und vertragsrelevanten Daten gespeichert. The national subscriber number 15 in the example 0 – block identifier, ie with a length of 11 characters not fit into the digit field of the K-No. For this purpose, preferably the clearing area 1 9 or alternatively chipkartejleser in position 1, followed by a sometimes unused in the banking system code number in positions 2 and 3 in order to provoke any confusion in connection with the zero marked as 4 position.

The loaded into the chip amount is later consumed by individual purchase transactions. However, economic considerations and safety aspects rather suggest a central installation of the system with international access.

Rather opens directly to the merchant website a window to carry out the transfer. The big banks usually maintain this own dedicated lines. Mediation Devices connect the CCBS with the relevant technical facilities for the cost of the mobile network.


According to the invention the subscriber number is used in the mobile network as a mobile account number. A bank must be networked in today’s competitive, be internationally accessible, at least locally, regionally or nationally or better. The trader is involved in card sales.

This “complete” international subscriber number improves visibility and reduces the possible potential for chipkarteneser associated with the country code of the IMAN field.

At the time of specification computer systems were not suitable because of their physical size for mobile operation. The consolidated within the ZKA associations of the banking industry have decided to change the technical facilities of the dial-up agreement that allow an Internet-based communication between customers and banks.

electronic cash

The GSM network operates a considerable expense for the authentication of its participants, their security and integrity and for all transmitted information. The VLR, however, considers for each device in its lounge area a temporary network address before, which is used in the “cries” of a device in all access points of the location area in which chipkartenlesed user is registered paging.

Appendix 1 describes by way of example different methods representative of several special solution between T-Mobile and postal bank. The conversion facilities could not cope with the abovementioned procedure, therefore national. Der Bankcomputer The bank’s computer 3 3 ist das zentrale Steuerungssystem.

The Xtra-cash funding is confirmed with a receipt printout. The inventive method country-specific identifiers for IMAN etc. The late 70s the first payment systems at the POS were introduced by individual banks. In extreme cases, a network operator but a steady rate flat rate could also offer an alternative and waive part to the to the corresponding data acquisition in the network associated high outlay and also associated high expenditure on safety.

The MBLZ differs from the BLZ only in that it is used within the set of the German Federal Bank structure adaptively for a mobile radio network, and in this embodiment, within the technical equipment of the banking industry and the bank’s own data networks is compatible and thus interference for the electronic payments can be transported. All these methods have common features. Reason for this is to harmonize efforts for payment systems within the European Union, to be executed in the cross-border EU credit transfers by banks on the same conditions as transfers within a country.


The conventions for IBAN structure takes into account the different national and enterprise-specific methods for identifying bank accounts.

electronic cash

Display, keyboard, and in particular a separate CPU which brings only authentic client terminal software for execution, make the customer terminal independently of the PC to which it is connected, and protect against attacks by “Trojan horses” and similar damage endowing programs.

Bank-Terminals befinden sich in der Chipkartenkeser innerhalb der Filiale Bank terminals are usually within chipkartrnleser store 2 2 und erlauben das Kontomanagement. Well-known manufacturers of online banking software support the standard, so that the customer can choose from a variety of products.

Swift handles financial transactions of about 7, financial institutions in more than countries from having daily about 11 million transactions. Systems der Finanzwirtschaft System of Finance. The subscriber identity must be reliably maintained even in acute subscriber mobility, on the one hand the high safety standard is break-free and on the other of the participants is certainly attainable for the service always.

So funktioniert die Aufladung am Geldautomaten: chipkadtenleser