It’s getting late in the game to do a major driver rework on the Gingerbread kernel I maintain. Follow Follow this Question. I have followed this article https: XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge news about your device! By sherifhanna , Junior Member on 14th February , When the Linux kernel boot up, if probe the Atmel mxTouch successfully, it will present similar log information as following. The Self Test T25 object runs a series of test sequences.

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W rite individual object Enter T: The meaning of the configuration bytes within the objects may be found in the Protocol Guide documentation released with each device, and is only provided by Atmel under NDA.

Official Atmel Touchscreen Driver on GitHub

A hard power cycle will return the device to normal Object Protocol mode, unless the firmware image is corrupted. Messages from the maXTouch devices are read by polling. It is possible to use the –flash command with a device already in bootloader mode, by specifying the bootloader address.


Please use the answer feature only if you are answering the question, otherwise, please use the Add Comment feature. Help Legal Privacy Policy Contact. I have followed this article https: The suffix -mod is appended if there are uncommitted changes in the source code. Input driver version is 1.

I’ll look into maybe playing with this when ICS time rolls around. Unfortunately, if it is, the drivers in this repository are structured completely differently from the ones included in many vendor source drops, and unfortunately this causes great negative impact on their usefulness.

Linux source code: drivers/input/touchscreen/atmel_mxt_ts.c (v) – Bootlin

Enabled message output Command line tool for Atmel maXTouch chips version: It will also check for a successful flash on completion. Yocto support to LCD character display 0 Answers. For more information, please reference obp-utils on github. Hi omaha64, Support for maxtouh is in progress. Question, I am trying to back-port the 2.

L oad config file Enter S: Other terms and product names may be trademarks of others. S ave config file Aymel I: A specific USB device can be specified by giving a device option -d usb: Debug and Verbose are only available if built in. The configuration may be in.


UsingMaxTouch < Linux4SAM < TWiki

This will allow you to get the latest up to linnux changes before they make it into the mainline kernel. We’ll put it back in the webshop once we have stocked up again.

Bootloading is not supported in this mode. Falling back to user helper [ It is important that you create new questions related to the Apalis iMX8QM sample in this confidential space.

Self capacitance measurements are only available on some devices. The following command will save the configuration data in Atmel maXTouch device to a file. The touchscreen “works” for the first touch: Please follow instructions available here: Now we aligned on tag maxtouch-v3.

Zero timeout liux once.