If you are running procmail, this will become a problem as procmail requires root privileges to deliver. Bayesian Noise Reduction kicks in at innocent messages and provides an advanced progressive noise logic to reduce Bayesian Noise wordlist attacks in spams. Dspam was originally invented by Jonathan Zdziarski roughly between to May TuM will train on a per-token basis only tokens which have had fewer than 50 “hits” on them, unless an error is being retrained in which case all tokens are trained. This prevents any kind of alias abuse. Displays the spam statistics for one or all users on the system. Specify a path to the MySQL libraries Currently links to -lmysqlclient, also -lcrypto on some systems.

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If you are using procmail, additional configuration may also be necessary see below. The rspam common approach to training, discussed here, is to allow users to simply forward their spam to an email address where DSPAM can analyze and learn it. If you are upgrading from v3. Support for a variety of storage implementations.

Debian — Error

If you are using virtual user aliases aka: The hash driver inspired by Bill Yerazunis’ CRM Sparse Spectra algorithm is the fastest solution by far and requires no dependencies, supports an auto-extend feature to grow the file size as needed, and is very fast and compact.

This can be used to view the entire contents of a user’s dictionary, or used in combination with grep to view a subset of data.

The quarantine warning is reset when the user clicks ‘Delete All’, but is not reset if they use “Delete Selected”. The message being presented is in pristine form, and should be trained as an inoculation. You can also control which preferences the user may override by changing the “AllowOverride” settings in dspam. If you are willing to sacrifice accuracy for disk space, disabling the ‘chain’ tokenizer from dspam. This will eventually be merged in as a replacement for the existing tool.


If an age is specified, for example -p30, the age defined as the default will be overridden. If the signature is not present, the message will be rejected. Since DSPAM’s correct function relies primarily on having the correct permissions and mail server configuration, a test script fails to provide the level of testing required for such a package.

[Dovecot] DSpam mysql-plugin (was DSpam plugin)

Postgres supports the preferences extension, which stores user preferences in pgsql instead of flat files the built-in method. The message’s full headers and body will be analyzed and the correct classification will be incremented, without its opposite being decremented. You’ll need to follow any steps outlined in the storage driver documentation before continuing.

This training mode provides a solid core of stable mysq to keep accuracy consistent, but also allows for dynamic adaptation to any new types of email behavior a user might be experiencing. Check the directory permissions of the directory. Until a user reaches innocent messages in their metadata, train-on-error will also be teft-based, even if otherwise specified on the commandline. DSPAM acts like a server when started with this parameter. Therefore, only use this option if you will not be dsppam the Web UI or plan on doing something asinine like dpsam it as root.


DSPAM is a scalable and open-source content-based spam filter designed for multi-user enterprise systems.

In May Jonathan allowed the rights of the dspam to be acquired by Sensory Networks. Using this option will set the active signature and will also forego reading of stdin. If you’re not familiar with it, you should check out the readme.

This will cause the storage driver specified in dspam.

In order to perform administrative functions, systems administratiors will require:. Without this tool, old signatures will continue to pile up.

RPM resource dspam-mysql(x)

This exercise does not test the Web UI, but only the core dspam agent. On a properly configured system, many users experience results between For developers, the DSPAM core engine libdspam can be easily incorporated directly into depam for drop-in filtering.

Most software packages are supplied with a test suite to determine if the software is functioning properly.

If you are using an IMAP based system, Web-based email, or other form of email management where the original messages are stored on the server in pristine format, you can turn this signature feature off by setting “TrainPristine on” in dspam. So does the changes help?

To begin with we need to add some indexes to the tables.