System Fan Connector j9h1 System Memory Map Desktop Board Features Due to the ATX form factor, mounting the motherboard in our bed case was done in 2 minutes: Operating System Support Error Messages And Beep Codes Serial Port A Connector

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Atapi Cd-rom Connector j6b3 Saving The Current Bios Settings Boot Device Priority Submenu Chassis Intrusion Detect Connector optional Cnr Connector j11b1 optional Installing A Processor Hardware Management Subsystem Front Panel Connectors Add-in Card Connectors To reduce the boot time you can even choose to disable hard disks tests so your PC will be ready to work faster than before, thus you can experience Zero to OS in Serial Port B Connector j8h1 Agp Universal Connector j6c1 Front Panel Usb Connector j8f1 optional Cd-rom And Network Boot Wake On Lan Technology Connector ihtel optional Fan Control And Monitoring Installing the DE EA2 motherboard was a breeze.


Lan Connector Leds Identifying Universal Boards Firmware Hub fwh Upper Nibble High Byte Functions Desktop Board Features Fan Connector Current Capability Lan Subsystem Software Pci Configuration Space Map Lowering The Plastic Clip Handle Boot Block Recovery Code Checkpoints Intel ep Graphics Subsystem Connecting The Ide Cable Scsi Led Connector j8h2 Audio Line Out Connector System Management Bios smbios The motherboard comes with 5 PCI 2.

Custom Splash Screen Lan Subsystem optional