I managed to nab one recently and bought a replacement interface card. Thanks for the patience and assistance. It also looks like it only happens the first time for each DOSBox session though the sound continues to be muted. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Anyway, here’s my setup: Any advise you can throw my way would be appreciated. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Like unhandled or unknown events?

I’m sure the sound content is correct — only too low. For this setup, the following “interface kits” were made:. Well, there is a happy ending to this.

How to install MPU 401 device? RESOLVED!

I am not sure about this, but looks like there are versions of MT with and without the headphone jack mine is without.

I currently possess a Game Blaster complete in box with all manuals, and while that is an exceptionally rare card, it is not what Rlland consider the highlight of my collection.


Drivers — after downgrading my drivers to Microsoft’s with no change, I figured that I had ruled these out. The MPU is a very different beast. I’m thinking that may mean version.

The changelog for DosBox 0. The only thing it says is: It would redirect to another site. Reliving this stuff is simply great! I have been able to get my actual Roland working with SQ3, too, but the sound is quite muted.

Its ISA card is a very simple card.

MPU – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The quality of the music for the card or its chips is often third-rate behind MT and Adlib. Loading settings from config file C: This page was last edited on 9 Decemberat Commons category link is on Wikidata. Buffer Overflow This happens after the “Insert Buckazoid” message and before the intro sound starts.

It looks like you’ve a setup very similar to mine. This is still a very useful resource when considering buying an mpu In other projects Rolad Commons.

If you have that jack it does mpi-401 produce line level. I’m wondering if we could compare notes. The serial number is JuneI’ve read. Driver is listed in Device Manager as: Well, I swapped it out for a different splitter, and It was the wires!


Roland MPU () + MIF-IPC-A () 2 out / 32 channel

All you need is the appropriate adapter card or cartridge. I have the true IBM VGA 8-bit card, and while it is also extremely rare its not especially impressive in what it can do. The rest is pretty much default. It mpk-401 be a dosbox problem. I hope Tom can get that fixed soon, as I have some fun ideas I will want to post. The mpu401 on the Quest Studios site was a simple one that affected users going to the main site, not the forum, through Google.